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Strategy Development

New Zealand's future is closely entwined with that of Asia. China's economy will continue to grow, alongside the rest of East Asia. To ensure our local communities and New Zealand as a whole are not left behind, we need to have a plan to successfully engage with Asia.

We’ve discovered there are councils who wish to engage with Asia but are not certain what their first steps should be. By working with us, you eliminate the guess work and costly errors.

Our team commences by listening to your community to understand what success looks like for you. From there, we’ll get to work creating a bespoke, solutions focused strategy and if required, an action plan with a supporting work program.

Economic Strategy

Our economic strategies are designed to fit within your council’s existing framework. We take into account the challenges concerning the social environment and how your community can reduce its deprivation. We look at your community and explore investments which would create jobs and compliment your business ecosystem. We also consider how the landscape will change over the next generation.  

Social Strategy

Social wellbeing and welcoming communities sit at the heart of local government. Our social development strategies usually involve an international twist, supporting international connectivity and communication. We look for solutions which promote community cohesion and encourage respect for the many cultures which make up our towns and cities.

Communications Strategy

New Zealand communities have fantastic stories, unfortunately they are often some of our best kept secrets. Our communications strategy help our clients tell their stories and showcase themselves to both a domestic and global audience. We can even help you to tell the world in multiple languages!

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Our Strategies

How we work

Our goal is to deliver functional and practical strategies which give you a pathway forward. We have experience developing various strategies including Economic Development, Social Well-Being / Welcoming Communities and International Relations. As the Eastern Bridge team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, our strategies take a global view. Below you will gain an understanding of how we work with you.  


Understanding our Client and their Stakeholders

The first step is to gain an understanding of you, your community and your stakeholders. We aim to understand your community's aspirations, we do this to ensure our proposal, if accepted leads to developing a strategy which is fit for purpose.


During the research phase we listen to understand your community. We identify opportunities which will enhance the lives of your people.

From our offices in East Asia and New Zealand, we have access to multiple resources. These include our extensive networks, Hongi portal and our own Migrant Perceptions Survey. We can provide you with valuable, unparalleled insights into New Zealand's 400,000 East Asian migrants.


Draft Strategy

We will deliver a draft strategy, including a SWOT and a PEST analysis. The document will clearly identify opportunities and challenges for your community. We will also discuss stakeholders, high level actions and measures for success.

Once you’ve received the draft strategy and had an opportunity to read it, we’ll meet with your team in a workshop setting. During the workshop we will ensure you’re comfortable with the direction and identify areas, if any where you might want us to drill down further.

Business Case

If you require, we can go beyond the strategy by developing Business Cases aimed to deliver results.  


Final delivery

Once we have delivered the final strategy, we will be available to attend workshops with you and community stakeholders to assist in gaining buy-in. The workshop duration and number will vary from client to client, based on the scope of the work.


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