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Hongi Business Websites

 Hongi Business Websites are available in a range of Asian languages, are easy to create and maintain

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Hongi Business Websites

Hongi is an exciting news, information and e-commerce portal. Hongi's target audience is the 400,000 strong Asian migrant community and 2 billion Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese speakers globally.

Hongi Business Websites are multi-lingual sites created on our easy to use website builder. They provide your business with an inexpensive way to maintain a professional looking and multi-lingual web presence. Hongi Business Websites sit within the Hongi ecosystem, a large news, information and e-commerce portal which promotes New Zealand to the world in a range of languages.

Six reasons to choose a

Hongi Business Website


 Affordable, functional and beautiful. Our websites are a great choice for businesses wanting to gain access to international markets, or simply have an online presence

Easy to use

 The site builder, with a range of customisable templates are very easy to use. Hongi websites are easy to build and update. In fact, the site you are currently looking at was built on Hongi.


Introduce your business to over 400,000 New Zealand Asians and an additional global audience of 2 billion Hongi is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian.

Free promotions

Your Business Website will appear on Hongi, in relevant business directories and e-stores. The Hongi portal is actively promoted to our migrant communities and internationally through social media platforms and influencers.

E-store and Blogs

Business who want to sell online can do so through their Hongi Business Pages without needing to pay us commissions, simply pay the annual fee and sell as much as you like!

Using blogs, you can tell your story to the world!

Web and mobile capable

 Your business page will automatically be smart phone ready. Our templates and site builder have it all sorted!

400,000 Asian language speakers in NZ
1.3 billion Chinese speaking audience
126 million Japanese speaking audience
42 million Korean speaking audience
How much?



$350 / Year

  • No hosting fees
  • Professionally translated multi-lingual website (up to 5,000 words). Additional translation at $0.15 cents per word
  • Free Hongi listing in your choice of directories
  • Customisable pre-made templates
  • Up to four pages
  • Your own sub-domain
  • Easy to use site builder/editor.
  • A selection of components for your site (such as map, contact form etc)


$700 / Year

  • All the benefits of the basic package, plus:
  • e-commerce functionality
  • Up to 20k words of professional translation. Additional translation at $0.12 per word
  • Blog functionality
  • Unlimited pages
  • Premium site templates
  • Premium listings on business directories
  • 10GB of storage space


Contact us /

  • We can develop a customised multi-lingual site for your business.
  • Custom built applications
  • Promotions on Hongi and other platforms
  • Ongoing updates

Join Hongi now & save

We are looking for up to 100 early adopters for Hongi Business Websites. We will upload your content and give you a $50 discount. Contact us now for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I sign up now? | Yes, you can secure a Hongi Business Website now. During August and September please contact us directly simon@easternbridge.co.nz. If you sign up with August or September 2021 you’ll receive a $50 discount and we’ll set up your page for you!

How customisable are Hongi Business Websites? | When you sign up for an account you’ll be provided with template options. You choose the template style which best suits your business.

How easy is the Hongi website builder to use? | Very easy. If you do have any questions, we are happy to help.

Questions about the translation feature

Why should I have a multilingual site? | There are over 400,000 Asian migrants in New Zealand who could be your potential customers. We are told they want to buy products and services locally, but due to language difficulties can’t. Also through Hongi your multilingual site will gain a global audience of 2 billion people.

What languages can you translation the site into? | Your site will be translated into Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Russian. If you require different languages please contact us.

How does the translation feature work? | Once you have uploaded your site content, you can choose to translate it by selecting the ‘translate now’ button. You will then be presented with a list of languages which you can choose from. Once you have confirmed the languages your content will be sent to our translators and editors for processing.

How quickly can the site be translated? | We can usually return a professional translation within two working days.

Do you use automated translation services like google translate? | We have our own machine learning language interpretation system. Our translators and editors then go through each page to ensure accuracy. Currently, there are no automated translation services which meet the reliability and quality of professional human translators.

Do I have a translation quota? | Yes, basic Hongi Business Websites include up to 5,000 words of translation, while the Premium sites allow for 20,000 words. Translations over the quota will be charged at $0.15 per word, approximately half the market rate.

Questions about Search Engine Optimisation and Promotions

Are the sites optimised for search engines? | Hongi Business Websites are optimised for search engines, however it is up to the individual website owner to create their site content.

Questions about Hongi Information Portal

Who is the intended audience of Hongi? | Hongi is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Russian. It’s primary audience is the 400,000 Asian migrants living in New Zealand, the 2 billion Asian speakers globally, and of course regular English speaking kiwis! Find out more here.

Why did you call your site Hongi? | We chose the name Hongi as we intend our site to be a welcoming doorway for visitors, international students and migrants to learn about New Zealand. Hongi is a way of greeting someone, our portal does the same.  

How many people view Hongi per month? | While Hongi is still new, its predecessor - which was only available in Chinese would average around 200,000 visits per month.  

The Hongi Ecosystem

Hongi Business websites sit within the Hongi Portal, creating immersive foreign language environments for people to learn about New Zealand

The multilingual gateway to New Zealand

Hongi Information Portal

Hongi is an exciting news, information and e-commerce portal. Hongi's target audiance is the 400,000 strong Asian migrant community and 2 billion Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese speakers globally.

The majority of the visitors to Hongi are New Zealand Asian migrants and international students who are living all over New Zealand, and overseas viewers who are considering to visit New Zealand for travel, study or migration once Covid19 travel restrictions are lifted.


Hongi has a range of features

  • News service
  • Discussion forums
  • Business directories
  • E-stores
  • Information services

And much more

Hongi considers all of New Zealand:

  • National, providing information of national significance
  • Regional, introducing the regions
  • Local, focusing on specific districts or cities

Each level has news feeds, business directories and community forums.


Hongi’s origins are drawn from Eastern Bridge’s 2018 Asian Migrant’s Perceptions Survey. The nationwide survey received responses from thousands of Asian migrants living in all cities and regions of New Zealand. We identified significant concerns regarding the lack of community information in Asian languages and culture.

Eastern Bridge’s goal is to create a portal for migrants to access quality, trusted news and information about their communities.