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Education Providers

Whether you are a tertiary, secondary or primary education provider, we can enhance your international engagement.

In partnership with Tamatea High School we commenced formally providing support to the education sector in 2017. Initially, we managed their sister-school relationships.

Since then the services have expanded to include

  • Sister-institution management
  • International school marketing & student recruitment
  • Education holiday programme development & management
  • Assistance with the delivery of pastoral care obligations

Eastern Bridge's founder, Simon Appleton cites his own interest in Asia stemming from meeting international students while he was a high school student. Simon went on to be an international student himself in South Korea and China, completing a Master Degree in Law at Beijing's Renmin University.  

International Relations

Our service includes student recruitment, institution relationship management and much more. International Relations is a wrap around service for education providers who want to proactively develop their East Asia engagement. You'll engage a team of specialists based in New Zealand and across East Asia.

Hongi Education

Designed to support international students, Hongi is a powerful multilingual online news, information and e-commerce portal covering all of New Zealand. Hongi's student management system provides a streamline solution for student application, enrollment and supplementary course delivery.

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Our goals and values

Why we do what we do

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve the lives of the people who call New Zealand “home.” We believe export education is an ideal way to reach this goal. International students not only support local economies, they create jobs. International students also bring greater diversity to our towns and cities and help connect New Zealand to the world, which in turns opens the hearts and minds of our people.


Student Recruitment and Business Enablers

  • Develop multi-lingual and culturally attuned marketing campaigns
  • Establish relationships with offshore education providers and local government education offices
  • Design and manage short term education holiday programmes
  • Provide online services to simplify the student recruitment, application and enrolment process


Student Well-being and Pastoral Care

  • We offer in market pre-departure orientation (currently only available in China)
  • Deliver online orientation, acculturation and English language courses
  • Ensure students are kept informed about their local community
  • Identify funding for grants, scholarships and internships
  • Keep students connected to one another through Hongi


Our Core Values

Integrity and Honesty | We will not compromise our values and will act in a trustworthy manner at all times. 

Ngakau- tapatahi me te Pononga | Kaore matou a marie i a matou uaratanga a, ka mahi i roto i te huatanga matatika i nga wa katoa.

Achievements Orientated | We will gain results in a timely, innovative and economic manner. 

Whakatutukitanga Whakawaiatanga | Ka whiwhi hua i roto i te auaha me te ngawaritanga.

Respect diversity | We respect and learn from the many cultures found in New Zealand.

Te whakaute i te rereketanga | Ka whakaute, ka ako hoki matou mai i nga ahurea huhua i kitea i Aotearoa.

Satisfying Expectations | We will always look to understand our client community's expectations and try to achieve a high level of community satisfaction. 

Tumanako Manawareka | Ka ahei tonu matou kia mohio ki nga tumanako o to tatou iwi kainga me te whakamatau kia taea te tairanga teitei o te whakanatanga o te iwi whanui.


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Our services

What we do

With experience working across all levels of education, including primary schools through to universities we work with education partners to provide bespoke international management services.

From our offices in East Asia, our international relations team include speakers of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. We also engage former Ministry of Education and Education New Zealand consultants who work with us on a regular basis.

Several of our team have completed Education New Zealand Agent training. Our main China office provides consultation services to prestigious institutions such as Britain's Eton College, Cobham Hall School and Nottingham University.

International Relations for Education Providers

Our International Relations Services can assist you to engage with prospective and existing international students, and their parents.

We can also assist you to communicate across the linguistic and cultural divides with your partner institutions.

There are two main ways we can work with you

  1. One-off services – For an annual retainer, we'll provided a list of services which you can utilise as needed. This option is ideal for schools which have an existing international relations manager but need some occasional assistance. A full list of available services will be provided upon request.
  2. Full managing contract - Our preferred option and ideal for institutions looking for a cost effective alternative to hiring an international manager or maintaining their own international team. We will work with you to create a job brief and use our team, resources and established services to meet your needs.

Hongi Education

Hongi is an exciting news, information and e-commerce portal specifically designed to assist Asian international students, visitors and migrants.

Hongi is available in; English | Chinese | Korean | Japanese | Vietnamese | Russian

Through Hongi, perspective and current international students can keep up to date with local news and events, access a range of information about New Zealand and connect with new friends.

Education providers who are looking for an efficient, professional and cost effective way to market themselves to Asia can create a multilingual school page. The school pages are easily customisable and are showcased in relevant sections of the Hongi Portal.

Hongi Education | Fully developed in 2019, this product sits within the greater Hongi environment. Hongi Education has been developed to handle student applications, enrolment and on-boarding. The system provides students with a one-stop-shop where they can compare and contact participating schools, complete an application and enrol into their desired institution. The system is capable of receiving a range of payment methods including Visa, WeChat and Alipay.

Once a student has been accepted to a school through Hongi Education, they can access their Hongi Education Dashboard. They will have access to their Eastern Bridge produced orientation packs and acculturation courses. Eastern Bridge has recently partnered with an education provider to offer a range of Foundation programmes and English courses.

Hongi and Hongi Education have been custom built by the Eastern Bridge team and incorporates many unique features and applications to enhance the user experience. Further add-ons and enhancements are planned, including the incorporation of a social-media interface for Hongi users, due for completion in the end of 2021.

Hongi is also supported by a robust marketing and promotions strategy which includes special promotions into the migrant communities, advertising, and influencers.

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To give you a few ideas

Case studies

Our team has years of experience working alongside many schools in New Zealand and across East Asia. Like you, we believe international education is an exciting and vibrant sector which not only enhances communities and improves the lives of individuals, but also supports economic prosperity.

Since 2020, as with many others in this space, our export education activities have reduced. As we look forward, we plan to once again proactively participate in the sector.