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Since 2015, Eastern Bridge has been assisting kiwi businesses to access the lucrative Asian markets. From our offices in New Zealand and Asia, you’ll work with a team of International marketing and sales professionals enabling your company to explore and sell to new markets with minimal risk.

We focus on:

We can provide a bespoke service for your company. After an initial consultation, we will provide you with a list of service options to best position you for success.

Some of our clients choose a few select services, such as translation, social media or training, other clients prefer a full wrap-around service.  

Hongi for Business

Hongi is an e-commerce, news and information portal showcasing New Zealand to the world. Available in multiple languages and promoted by influencers, being on Hongi makes sense for businesses who require a cost efficient global online presence with strong potential.

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Continued support

Businesses can choose to pay a monthly retainer and access a range of services as required. This option is ideal for companies who have an existing international department but need to fill some gaps, or small businesses requiring international expertise.

Custom package

Perfect for businesses exploring a new market, our custom package involves creating a bespoke offering with a range of services, utilising our offshore offices and global connections.

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International Relations Service

Our International Relations services are designed to support businesses to sell their products and services to new audiences, including our 400,000 Asian migrants and 2 billion Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese speakers internationally.

Supported by a team of businesses specialists in New Zealand, China, Japan and Korea, we are more than capable of assisting you with your international business goals.

There are two main ways we can work with you:

  1. One-off services – For an annual retainer, we'll provide a list of services which you can utilise as needed. This option is ideal for businesses which have an existing international sales team but need some occasional assistance. A full list of available services will be provided upon request.
  2. Wrap around service - Our preferred option and ideal for businesses looking for a cost-effective means to explore and enter new markets or a great alternative to establishing and maintaining your own international team. We will work with you to create a job brief and use our team, resources and established services to meet your needs.

Our expertise cover a wide range of areas, including communication, due diligence, offshore representation, sales and marketing, offshore law and accounting, relationship management. Please contact us for more details.

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Hongi Business Websites

Hongi Business Websites are multi-lingual sites created on our easy to use website builder. They provide businesses with an inexpensive means to maintain a professional looking and multi-lingual web presence.

Hongi Business Pages sit within the Hongi ecosystem, a large news, information and e-commerce portal which promotes New Zealand to the world in a range of languages. Hongi is becoming the first choice for many non-native English speakers to access information about our country, our products and services. 

By being on Hongi, you have immediate access to:

  • Over 400,000 New Zealand Asian migrants.
  • International students and visitors.
  • Over 2 billion Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian speakers across the world.

Hongi is a cost-effective and straight forward way to update your business's online presence while also reaching new markets. The Hongi portal is marketed domestically and internationally through social media and influencers, driving more prospective customers to you page.

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Case Studies

Eastern Bridge has worked with many businesses and professional organisations to grow their capacity to engage in new markets. Most of the work we do relates to access to markets, strategy development, administrative support and relationship management. We are an agile company with a wide range of skills and knowledge, making us a valuable asset for large or small businesses. Here are a few example of work we have done for our satisfied clients: 

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