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Our Assistance Saved this Company Thousands


 From time to time clients ask Eastern Bridge to assist with product procurement. There are numerous examples including glass bottles, electrical equipment, pipes for gas, oil and water and solar panels.

The procurement job which is most notable was when we were asked to assist in securing steel cables for a bridge building company

“Initially we started looking in China by conducting desktop research. We shortlisted eight companies which we contacted,” explains Eastern Bridge chief executive, Simon Appleton. “After initial discussions we identified three companies which gave us confidence so sent our China based Eastern Bridge staff and a suitably qualified engineer to visit them.”

“We finally decided upon one company, but before recommending them to our client we conducted further due diligence. During the research we discovered that the company did not produce the type of cabling directly, instead they imported it from South Korea,” says Simon. “After further research we identified the Korean company and contacted them directly. A supply agreement was reached between our client and the Korean company.”

“Due to our research and having ‘boots on the ground’ in China, we were able to save our client over half a million dollars!”

Before you make your next purchasing decision from East Asia contact us, we might be able to save you thousands of dollars too.  



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